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The Artists Behind The Overlook at St. Gabriel’s: Hannah Sitzer & Phil Spitler

April 30, 2021

The Overlook at St. Gabriel’s offers a dramatically different community in Boston’s Brighton neighborhood. Formerly a century-old church, you’ll discover an address that has been reborn with modern style and artfully designed spaces. These spaces were brought to life with unique art pieces, created by brilliant artists. Meet Hannah Sitzer and Phil Spitler, the incredible artists who collaborated to create the “Vertical Sunset” art installation in Maker Hall, a stunning LED wall display.

Hannah is the Founder, Designer and Artist of Antlre Inc. She has been creating unique custom art pieces for retail, restaurants, workplaces, residences, the hospitality industry and communities worldwide for 30 years. Through layered dimension, nostalgia, curiosity and even humor, Hannah invents bold forms and brings together uncommon materials. Hannah collaborated with Phil on this piece, who is a creative technologist based out of San Francisco. He uses technology to create art across an array of different mediums. Together these two were able to combine artistic forces to bring their vision for The Overlook to life.


Q: How would you describe your artistic style in 3 words

Hannah: “Inspiration, materials and colors.”


Q: Why did you choose to partner with The Overlook? 

Hannah: “I was approached by Boston Art Inc. to develop multiple custom designs for the space.”


Q: What was the goal for your art piece for The Overlook at St. Gabriel’s?

Hannah: “The goal was to create a calming and relaxing environment to inspire and awe those in its presence.”


Q: What is the story or narrative you hope for your art to tell?

Hannah: “The function of this piece is less about telling a story and more about creating a mood. It is loosely built with an algorithm called Perlin Noise, which is a type of gradient noise developed by Ken Perlin. This is a technique used to produce natural appearing textures on computer generated surfaces for motion picture visual effects. The development of Perlin Noise has allowed computer graphics artists to better represent the complexity of natural phenomena in visual effects for the motion picture industry.”


The Overlook at St. Gabriel’s is proud to partner with organizations like Boston Art that help to develop incomparable art collaborations with the New England area’s best architects, designers and end-users.

Experience the “Vertical Sunsets” art installation for yourself, as well as many other one-of-a-kind pieces, when you call The Overlook at St. Gabriel’s home. Schedule your tour of our beautiful Brighton community today.

To learn more about Hannah Sitzer, follow her on Instagram and visit her website.

To learn more about Phil Spitler, follow him on Instagram and visit his website.

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